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Legnano Saxonette Moped
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Marusho Lilac 250cc
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Levis 1929 247cc two stroke

The Brisbane Courier, Thursday 14 February 1929

"SIX-PORT" LEVIS. Remarkable Two-strokc Engine. A MOTOR cycle which has, since it became known for its truly remarkable performance, attracted a considerable attention and aroused a deal of interest Is the Levis "Six-Port" two-stroke. Arrangements have been made with the Queensland distributors for this machine, Messrs. Local Cycle and Motor Company, Ltd., of Victoria-place, South Brisbane, for the publication, on next Thursday's motor cycling page, of a description of the engine of this remarkable machine. The wonderfully well thought out working principle of the motor will be demonstrated with the assistance of illustrations which will enable motor cyclists who have so far been unable to study this machine to understand it thoroughly. The article will surely be relished by those who like to understand the "Insides" not only of their own motors but also of other machines.

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